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The Election is getting closer, and I am so excited for a Fresh Start with New Leadership!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

[Edited] I’m still figuring out how to use this site. But I plan to have a few cups of coffee tonight/this weekend, and figure it out! I’ll be reposting some of my posts from my Nextdoor group, and some new information and ideas. Stay tuned. Also, FYI there is [was] a Town Meeting [last night], which I plan to attend!

Also there was going to be a Debate October 25, but I'm so bummed to report that it was inexplicably cancelled. Although, I appreciated very much that people were trying to get a debate scheduled, and did, [before it was then reversed and cancelled].

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support. Let’s keep up the momentum!

I am really excited about the propects for positive change that are possible because so many people are getting involved in town government. You cannot surf a flat ocean, nor can you ride a wave, unless you are willing to swim out a little, and standup. Everyday, I meet more and more people who are doing just that!

OUR greatest asset(s) are the people of this town.

But--for too long that asset has been been sleeping, or neglected, or ignored, or quietly fearful to makes any waves, but when I am elected, I will not make THAT mistake!!

I will do everything I can to make a safe place for people to talk honestly, and openly, without fear, so that they CAN be heard. Because when that happens, innovative ideas and solutions, and harmony, will follow, and WE can all ride that wave together.

I can't promise we will always agree, that's not realistic obviously, but I can promise I will listen, with a good heart and an open mind, and I will be transparent and honest.

And--I will make sure that at Town meetings the citizens and taxpayers are allowed to speak and are treated with respect and courtesy. As your Mayor I will only have 1 vote of 5, but as your Mayor I will have some control over making sure citizens voices are heard, and that they are treated with the dignity and the respect they all deserve. This is a Public Official's DUTY, and it is a duty that is owed; it is not a gratuity, to be granted or denied based on whims or personal preferences.

Let us always remember:

WE are ALL on the same Team!!

WE all love the Town.

WE all have something to contribute.

WE can find solutions, instead of excuses, if and when, WE are are allowed to do so, and when WE listen.

Good ideas come from all corners of Town, ALL voices, quiet and loud, young and old, long-time residents and new ones too! But WE have to get out of our corners and meet in the middle.

Together WE are more than a cute little beach town; Together, WE are a strong Community.

No one can whistle a symphony.

It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. Luccock

Reach out to me, email, call, stop me if you see me, or just come by (413 Surf) tell me your concerns, and ask me anything, I will be happy to tell you what I’m about, what I stand for, and my thoughts and ideas (and to listen to YOURS too!) on how WE can make sure this Town WE all love and cherish will stay that way for generations to come.

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