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Thank you. Sincerely, Al D

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Thank You & Gratitude Playlist too!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU above too.

To Everyone who fought before me and to all who already have been speaking up, despite relentless belittlement, harassment, ostracism from the “powers that be” on this plane.

To All the Strong and Brave who in their various ways quietly and/or publicly said—NO MORE—even in the face of intimidation, and various kinds of actual and implied pressures.

To All those who came by and/or who opened their doors, gave me a chance, and listened with the heart and the mind that God gave them.

To All those who sent me advice, publicly and silently, and who said prayers, and those who told me thank you, and offered kind words of encouragement that gave me so much strength --EXACTLY when I needed it most. You just do not know what it meant to me.

To Everyone who heard a Call, and who rose to the Occasion with Wit & Wisdom, Energy & Endurance: to Stand Up, Walk Out & About, and/or Speak Up, from “Nextdoor” posts TO next door, door-to-door (figuratively & literally).

You all should be so very proud!

Were this Country's Founding Fathers alive, they would be proudly grinning ear to ear that you all are keeping their dreams alive and in good hands!

We are all:

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

And, whether we see it or not, we are always surrounded by beauty, power and mystery.

I am both honored and humbled by it; and I am filled with a sense of duty, purpose, and grace (and I am currently praying for lots of patience to go with it!)

Thank you to everyone.

(And thank to that little owl too who spoke without words and who helped me to see through the dark without fear).

I will INDEED point out the obvious—

I could not have won without you all!!

And I do not plan to forget:

A Public Official works for the Public!

Public Office is a sacred public trust.

As Humans we/I am not perfect, but I intend to always strive for both the legal and moral high ground, as we all should, not just when it’s easy, but most especially when it’s difficult .

I know I can go on too long at times so instead, I made a little playlist of gratitude songs.

These are some of the songs I have been listening to this last week. I am sharing them with you all. This is where my head and heart have been “souring” these last 7 days.  I hope you all will enjoy some/all of them!

See yall tomorrow.

Al D’s Playlist of Gratitude and Thanks:

These are for y’all-

Wind beneath my wings, (by Bette Middler)

A lil help from my friends, (by Joe Cocker)

Kick A Little, (by Little Texas)

Time After Time, (version Cindy Lauper & Sara McLaughlin)

Amazing graze (pretty much any singer!)

Stand by Me (by Ben E King)

Lean on Me (by Bill Withers)

Beautiful Day (by U2)

Here comes the sun (by The Beatles)

Down to the River to Pray (by Allison Kraus)

God Bless America (Lee Greenwoord)

America (by Charlie daniels band)

We Belong, (by Pat Benetar)

Better Together (by Jack Johnson)

Never Tear US Apart, (by INXS)

You can call me Al, (by Paul Simon)

Next to you, Next to me, (by Shenandoah)

Won’t Back Down, (by Tom Petty)


Jericho, &

Fill my cup, &

For the Love of God,

(all by Andrew Ripp).

This Little Heart of Mine, (WE are) gonna let it Shine….

Thank you.

Al Dennington


to my sons, sometime far in the future...

Simple Man, Lyndyrd Skynyrd


forgot a couple songs (my list is actually quite long - I'm not including ALL here, and a couple I probably ought not post, so I' leaving those out!)

But a couple from the Extended list...


Can't Stop that Feeling, J Timberlake

We didn't start the fire, Billy Joel

Don't Worry Be Happy, by Bobby Mcferrin

The Eye and The Story, by Brandi Carlisle

I'm Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves (had to look up who sang it though!)

Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac (and pretty much any F.M. I love!)


Its a Great Day to Be Alive

 (By travis tritt) (btw--Hey Teresa (Nelson) Trittt - miss you girl)

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Joanie Shepherd
Joanie Shepherd
Nov 14, 2023

Beautifully said 👏👏

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