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It’s a Bright, SUNNY ElectionDay.

...If anyone emailed any questions and I didnt respond, its bc of a lag of unknown reason but works - so if you sent a message and got no response, PLEASE forward it to the icloud email, and I will respond, today. I have nothing to hide, or be ashamed of.

And as your Mayor, I will keep informing you with real, honest, actual information and answers.

Let's keep keep this Town SAFE and SLEEPY,

by showing the powers that be:

That All of YOU--

The Residents & Voters now see truth,

despite all the smoke and mirrors.

My phone, my email, and now my Election tent has been buzzing with people who are now fully AWAKE!

WE must not let fear silence us.

WE must fight to keep this asset of tranquility

WE must not let it slip away further.

Please, do NOT forget to vote.

Remind your friends and neighbors too!

Your Voices matter, now AND later!


Al Dennington

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