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Is it our Dream or Destiny to become a Destination-Vacation-Land? We will find out Nov 7, 2023

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

As I said, people are being be banned online for daring to speak up, for daring to object to the actions and policies of their local government elected officials.

Ken L has been banned on Nextdoor (by the watchers and social media Sherriff's). The closer you get to the truth, the faster you get banned!

Residents need to be able to voice their opinions and not be silenced, whether it be at meetings or on social media. By silencing some viewpoints or speakers - the information becomes heavily, falsely, and strategically skewed, ESPECIALLY as elections near. I call this incumbency protection information control. Quite frankly we should be disturbed by it.

I received this Letter to Al,

and I shall post it here, from

Ken L:

No matter much as she tries,  Joyce Barton’s dreams and fairytales won’t come true.

Current Town of Melbourne Beach Commissioner Barton wants a promotion to mayor to lead our town in a certain direction. So when we look to promote someone we examine their record.

What is her record as to the direction she wants to continue taking the town?

Is it to keep it the small quaint location that most of us moved here to enjoy or is it to increase profits to others by continuing to make it a “destination location”?

We should have known better when she initially displayed her incompetence and didn’t even fill out her paperwork properly when she filed it to run for office and is now using thousands of OUR TAXPAYER FUNDS to go to court and defend her mistake. She now is dreaming about how the lawsuit is the fault of the taxpayer who called her out on it.

She NOW dreams about how she wants fiscal responsibility, but plans to raise taxes 10% and incompetently didn’t properly read a construction bid award. NOW the town has to spend an additional $180,000 to correct her mistake.

She dreams about  wanting to keep the town a family town, but refuses to limit the number of the type of Air B & B Barton runs. With that comes more traffic, transient neighbors, overcrowding and noise.

She dreams that the taxpayers won’t figure out that the Air B and B Barton runs is on Oak Street so she passed an ordinance to enable her to build a wall around her house (but all residents can’t do the same). She dreams about how the Air B & B Barton runs is on a corner lot and that the voters won’t figure out that putting her wall up would block the view of traffic seeking to make a turn there which creates a major safety issue.

She dreams  that no one will notice that at the same time she plants stop signs all over town claiming they are for safety reasons.

She dreams that no one will notice that the town PAYS her extra to go to the state capital to represent our interests. But while there she advocates getting rid of the financial disclosure requirements that prevent conflict of interest situations for herself.  She has also done nothing to move the legislature off its butt to gain control of the Air B and B situation similar to the Air B and B Barton runs.

Her biggest fantasy was when she passed an ordinance in town to permit second kitchens in houses against the recommendation of the Zoning Board which is also inconsistent with the towns master plan. She dreams that it was in the best interests of the town.

But this ordinance will permit second kitchens in the type of Air B and B Barton runs and will most likely increase its value while turning the town into a multi family home community.

She fantasizes how she wants to make the town safe for children and families but permitted the establishment of a smoke shop that also sells drug paraphernalia right next to the ice cream parlor in town where children frequent.

She has also done nothing to make the town safe from shootings that occurred at our southern border.

She dreams about how she has beautified the town but got rid of the volunteers who planted flowers to honor our veterans for free on Memorial Day and then had the town hire someone to do it. But they never did it!

She dreams about how she wants to listen to the public but wanted to change the agenda of the public meetings and eliminate the public comment portion of the meeting.

She dreams about using our tax dollars to build a charging station near her house for her new Tesla.

She dreams about all the stars she will be able to see by raising the height limits in the center of town .

But all it will do is to enrich developers who will build apartments there and have rooftop dining as well.

The noise from which will permeate the nearby houses.

But the voters are not easily fooled so all her dreams and fairytales will not come true.

Ken L.

[end of letter]


[there was a stock photo/picture of that place in Orlando, but I am not able to post it prob because of copyright,]


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