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I Love Fridays!! Short One ;)

So, my awesome mother and I got around door to door with my card flyer, and we will got the North end done. We will keep going today.

We are not ringing bells because we don't want to disturb people. But if you do see me, feel free to stop me if you have any questions, I'm willing to talk.

I was going to fix all my typos last night and try to get these blogs a little shorter, but it was a long day. So I took the night to enjoy the gorgeous moon. It was lovely.

We are so lucky here. Not just for the beauty, but also for all the beautful, kind people.

I will get back and fix my typos though. Its hard to see on this little phone but hopefully I will squeeze in time to sit at my desktop and I will clean them up. Thank you to everyone for all your amazing constructive advice. I do listen and take it to heart!

Al D

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