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(Update) Community Voices, Letters to Al

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

(Updated part - I have already received 2 letters and Plan to Publish them tonight, and tomorrow I will publish recaps of other things large and small that I've heard door to door, followed by my own thoughts and positions. The Letter about 2nd Kitchen is very compelling and I too believe that ordinance should be repealed and in its place the Town could approve a 2nd kitchen ONLY on a case base basis - ONLY subject to a development order filed in Brevard which states that it can never be used as a multi-family. That was what they should have done before, that was what I said at one of the meetings before the Town Commission, but they wasted money making this huge mistake that needs to be fixed and repealed. These issues SHOULD only be ddecided by referendums! Period).

People are being censored, bullied, shut down and closed out. Ive been listening to people as I go walking, knocking, talking, AND listening.

And there are a lot of people who have good ideas.

Valid concerns.

Compliments and critiques.

We need dialogues. Not dictators.

I plan to write up summaries of the things Ive heard.

Big and small. Lots of great ideas out. Not mine, yours.

So Im going to work on summarizing those community voices here. Anonymously. Your voices.

P. S.

And, if anyone wants to sends letters to Al, I will put those up too. You can sign them if you want. Or you can sign them concerned citizens of [street such and such]. You can even drop them at my door if you dont want to email them. Your choice. Where there is a will, there is way.But I will not publish personal attacks with no basis. Nor foul language. But metaphors and hyperbole are useful, and so are opinions based on reasonable inferences from facts.

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