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Citizens 2nd Kitchen Letter at Doorstep

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Peace and Serenity sometimes requires we BREAK from our Silence and Speak Up, Stand Up, and Fight for that Peace and Serenity or we will lose it,

You cannot keep, nor do you deserve what you fail to FIGHT for! We have a truly remarkable fighters stepping up.

But we all must help share the burden.

As I said before, people are being banned online under very suspicious circumstances (that's putting it mildly), so people are resorting to Good Old Fashioned Paper Letter Campaigns!! Which if you think about it, in a 1 square mile Town, we are literally nextdoor to each other while we are ON Nextdoor!!

So I really love that people are fighting back against Big Corporate censorship via unregulated local incumbent censors and watchers--BY old fashioned letters, door to door!!!

I got this Letter at my ACTUAL door. And wow! It was powerful, and succint, and compelling. I could not agree more!! So I am sharing it here and now, read below:


"Unbeknownst to many residents of Melbourne Beach, the Mel Beach Commission, AGAINST THE ADVICE OF ITS ZONING BOARD, passed a "second-kitchen" ordinance. This ordinance will adversely and permanently affect the residential quality of life of Melbourne Beach.

It will turn our quiet, uncongested, charming ocean-beach town of 1-family homes into a crowded, noisy, mundane-looking mess of 2-family homes.

The "second-kitchen ordinance" will do this because it has a long history of doing this.

This "zoning circumventor", while it starts slowly, eventually EXPLODES. It explodes as the "kitchen for Mom" becomes, in one house after another, a RENTAL FOR PROFIT. With increased rentals comes not only a lot more people, cars, and driveways, but also a lot less quiet, lawns, and trees.

On the "Main Sts" - Melbourne Beach's Main St - there will be congestion and "waiting" - for EVERYTHING: parking spots, a reservation, a slice of pizza, or a tank of gas.

Among many real estate investors, the word is already out. Melbourne Beach is fertile ground! Buy a 1-family, homestead it, do whatever else one has to do to get a kitchen installed, and then, when it's put up for sale, market it - slyly, of course - as a 2-family.

When this happens - and it will because it always DOES happen - there will be nothing that the Town will be able to do about it. The Commission that has given us the ordinance has admitted it publicly.  

Three more things.

Firstly, residents need to realize that the problems of Air B & B, which most residents actually ARE aware of - and in many cases are outraged by - will be exacerbated by the second-kitchen ordinance.

With the mere installation of a second kitchen, an Air B & B a room for rent, becomes an "APARTMENT" for rent.

Secondly, there should be no dilly-dallying on repealing this second-kitchen ordinance. Second-kitchens installed prior to any repeal of the ordinance, because of "grandfathering", will be declared pre-existing non-conforming, and therefore, legal - IRREVERSIBLY.

Thirdly, I agree that members of the community who might truly need help SHOULD be helped.

However, doing it at the expense of a long-standing most special ocean beach 1-family-home community becoming a 2-family-home mess, is insanity.

Paid for by concerned taxpayers of Melbourne Beach and not authorized by any candidate or committee"

--End of the letter above.

This above was NOT from me

But I wish it was!!

It is spot on.

And I agree.

And I'm glad people are waking up, and are concerned.

I am too.

The 2nd kitchen provision and mixed should be repealed. These should be referendums. Period.

Those times when 2nd kitchens truly are needed, it should be by a development order only limiting it always to single family.

We must be wary of these "parking" changes they now propose as well. I promise you the reason they gave is a ruse to hide the other reasons.

Just like the mixed use change, and 2nd kitchens, etc.

There is no transparency here at all, WHILE there are fundamental changes being made to this town, and it's being/been exposed now--which has caused the existing commission - ALL of them -- like WWF wrestlers tagging into the ring. They are all publicly (AND privately) going nuts with outragous lies, and privately pressuring all kinds of people to hush.


They have big plans they don't want spoiled or exposed.

I love Djon's restaurant. I do. But it'll prbably need renovation like yesterday, right. Condos on top would likely sell for a lot, having great river views at 35-38 ft of the Park and River, and Air BnBing all the time. And all the other properties along Ocean Ave and A1A.

Later I'll post some links to meetings back in 2021 (Oct, Nov and December, that I attended and I sounded the alarm on ND too on their mixed use plans). I raised red flags in December 2021 on mixed use, but my calls and alarms fell on deaf ears because they painted me then as they do now, falsely.

And I was alone, and they were together as a pack, with the bully pulpit and using it. But I kept on, never stopped.

These incumbents SAY 1 thing, -they say the right slogans and catch phrases, while they DO the opposite.

We need to break it up.

Slow it.

Stop it.

Expose it.

Reverse it.

They don't want a smart, tough, retired corporate lawyer, turned Stay at Home Mom, who loves this small safe town and who not only understands this stuff but who is ALSO a transparency hawk getting in and standing in their way, but we must while we still can.

Thank you!

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